She was born in Berlin, Germany, on June,12th 1899. In 1922, she entered in the prestigious Bauhaus of Walter Gropius, in Weimar.At school she began to work with textiles with the manual loom. At first I thought it was “cheesy and effeminate”. But she investigated the tissues and discovered new techniques and possibilities.



weaving system invented by Anni


Anni and Josef Albers, her husband, created a school, Black Mountain College, in North Carolina, that was based on self-learning.

In 1949, Anni Albers is the first textile artist to exhibit individually at the MoMA in New York.

She works and creates new fabrics, prints for fabrics, fabrics, draws on fabrics and fabrics, wall decorations, and even jewelry but all done with the hand loom.

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the images are objects of Anni


All these works have been exhibited all over the world, in the most important museums of London, New York, Canada, Paris, etc.


One of his most important book “onweaving”, written by Anni in 1963, talks about the weavers of ancient Peru. In the book she writes about fabrics, their history and the problems they may have, the tools and techniques, especially for the designers of the s.XX.He also wrote OnJewelry, Designing as Visual Organization, Craftsmanship, Considerations of Designing, and Material as Metaphor.



                 the cover of the book written by Anni


Currently she has an exhibition in the Guggeheim of Bilbao, until 14th January.It exhibits small samples made throughout his life, from the first fabrics, to lithographs on canvas, photographs of her life or sketches of her creations.


Advertising poster for the Anni exhibition at the Guggeheim in Bilbao


During these months, there will also be worshops, such as: talk by Nicholas Fox Weber, director of the Josef and AnniAlbersFoundation: Assembly of works; jewelry design workshop; workshop of textile experimentation or Visit commented with the artist Teresa Lanceta.




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